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4 best ways to say "Thank You" to somebody for free

James - Wednesday, 06 March 2019

1. Share those sentimental songs

Both Apple Music and Amazon Music allow you to share music socially so try this;

  1. Right down a list of your closest friends and family members.
  2. Now find the song that reminds you of them, or a situation that you both where in.
  3. Finally make them laugh by sending it to them with a caption.

After a while you should be crying with laughter reading the replies. There is nothing better than making somebody feel special with a thoughtful message.

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2. Pick up a free Krispy Kreme donut on-route

Not much else says "thank you" better than giving a sweet treat. You don't even need to let them know you got it free by downloading the Krispy Kreme rewards app. You can pick your free Krispy Kreme up from lots of retailers including the big supermarkets so it won't be too out of your way. 

If the donut accidentally gets eaten before it reaches your friend (I wouldn’t blame you) then there is plenty of other free food and drink options. We regularly update the latest free food and drink on Funky Freebies.

We love doughnuts, especially Krispy Kreme ones. Become a "Friends of Krispy Kreme"...

3. Arrange a free gym session for both of you

Major gyms often give out free passes so that you can get a taste of the facilities. Free gym passes are usually available all year round and often get promoted in January and beginning of Spring. There are too many gym passes available so search for your nearest major gym and check out their website.

It's easier to work out with a friend so get them involved! Make sure they fill in the same form so that you can go together. Gyms understand that you are more likely to go again if you check out their facilities with a buddy.

Top tip: Phone your most convenient gym if they have not got free passes available. It does not cost the gym anything to arrange a potential customer a free session. 

Free alternatives that you can do with a friend!

  • Fun runs are great and usually free. Find them at Find A Race
  • Couch to 5K is NHS led and comes with a free app.
  • Find out if any of your colleges already walk to work and join them!
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4. Get inspiration from your mobile provider

O2, Three and Vodafone all give out rewards. The deals are ever changing and include such things as cinema tickets, free coffee and other freebies. Go to your phone providers website and search for rewards, download the app and find the offer your friend would appreciate. Happy hunting.

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