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6 Great Ways To Save At The Supermarket

James - Friday, 15 March 2019

Scan as you shop

Major supermarkets now let you scan your shopping whilst you do it. Most people that use it save time at the checkout and allows them to pack their bags on the way round.

However there is a bigger advantage, you can see your shopping total on the way round.

Better still, you can check that the supermarket has put the correct label on the shelve.

Avoid end of aisle/display shopping

Sometimes the promotions can cost more money than the supermarket branded items. See the promotion and then check the aisle to make sure it is worth it. You can always go back to the display afterwards.

Don't pick up the sweets or magazine at checkout

Supermarkets will use every trick in the book, and this is a biggest!

You might think you deserve some sweets after doing your long shop, however don't grab one before you checkout. Supermarkets intentionally put them within grabbing distance of the checkout.

Single Mars Bars are 60p near the checkout. Go to the sweets aisle and get 4 for £1!

Promotional discount might not be as good as you think

Supermarkets and manufacturers have a few tricks up their sleeves to watch out for. Buy one get one free, "double packs", 50% extra free and 2 for £4 are all part of the game. Make sure you work out what extra you are getting for the money. Sometimes you save very little and waste a lot.

2 for £4 on bacon

Bacon cost £2.15 each

Bacon X 2 = £4.30

£4.30 - £4 = Saving of £0.30

Did you want two packs of bacon to save yourself £0.30? Will you use it all?

Look low (not high)

Supermarkets stack selves in a very particular way.

The most profitable items are those in eye line or easy grabbing distance. So look at the bottom shelve for the own-branded items.

Frequently used items are often together on the shelves and sometimes supermarkets will "hide" the item you are looking for. This happens all of the time, you want a pizza but find the garlic bread first.

Bulk cook Vs Ready Meals

Ready meals are big business as the supermarkets know that most people would rather be watching TV than cooking a gourmet meal.

With minimal planning you can really cut the cost of your weekly shepherds pie.

Shepherd Pie Ready Meal (1 serving)

1 serving =  £1.60

8 servings = £12.80

Shepherd Pie Recipe Recipe (8 servings)

8 servings = £9.52

1 serving = £1.19

Total saving: £12.80 - £9.50 = £3.30

Freeze individual portions (with the mash) and you will have saved 25% of your bill.

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